Saturday, April 2, 2011

The third year dawns

So, a new year, at least in gardening terms, has dawned. Andrew and I ventured out onto the balcony today to clear the winter debris and get some veg, and fruit(!) planted.

We are now the proud owners of:

  • an apple tree. In a pot, so maybe not a tree but it's an apple shrub. Looks very happy installed in the corner of the balcony.
  • 4 long pots of salad and lettuce
  • seed trays with: peppers, chilli, tomatoes, chard and courgette
  • a tub of carrots
  • two clematis
  • two ivy
  • more box tree plants that you can shake a sculpted shrub at
The potatoes are on their way from the seed supplier, and I'm poised to plant some more things in the coming weeks.

This is now my third year doing serious veg growing. Year 1 focused on tomatoes, hence the title of this blog. Then the second year ventured out into all sorts of veg. And now this year we're including fruit, and also thinking of trying more delicate plants like roses.

For some reason I'm really set on planting some onions and cauliflower! Next weekend is currently completely free so I think a visit to the garden centre is in order.