Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dreaming of tomatoes

So one day I had an epiphany. This is funny because I'm always having epiphanies and they aren't the kind of things you have every day. But I have them a lot. Life is like a series of steps, and I hop from one to another with little shouts of delight. This is one of them, so I'm telling the world. Others include running, moving to Germany, and giving up drinking for 2 months. 

So, one day I thought it would be a great idea to get back into gardening. I'd grown tomatoes as a kid, I must say with great success, but I've been lacking commitment to gardening in the past few years. With a suitable balcony in Hamburg, and a few prayers to the Gods of Hamburg's rampant weather system, I thought, well, not thought, actually I had an epiphany, and so headed out to the store to buy some grow bags and a little seed tray. 

We're 6 weeks past that point, the tomatoes have hatched, errr, germinated and they have been potted on. I think about them when I first wake up, at work, every other moment of the day, and of course, in my tomato dreams. And now they're going through a difficult patch. Like a teenager they're not quite sure if they're going to put on a growth spurt or not, are in very variable moods, and generally a little sorry for themselves. My flatmate did some sterling work earlier in their life by playing them gardening question time all day. They loved this. 

Part of the reason for this blog is to share the photos with some gardening experts, and get their opinion. Please feel free to comment!

So, time to upload photos of every one so everyone can enjoy the delights of balcony life in Schanzastrasse. 


  1. Ooops. Tempted to edit that post, but that would confuse people. This blog is going to be straight up. No lies. What you see is what you get.