Monday, April 26, 2010

Photo update

The new lemon tree enjoying the sun next to the carrot seedlings on the right, and salad and lettuce on the left. The carrots aren't visible here but are now just poking about the soil. Counted 10 tonight.

Salad leaves in the long pots I used last year. As with everything else just 2 weeks since sowing. Don't buy shop salad - this is so easier and will last the whole summer!

The aggressive climbing courgette, only two weeks from the point of sowing. Looking fantastic here in the tomato pots from last year.

The left corner of the balcony with, left to right, clematis, herbs, another clematis in the corner, and then 6 courgette plants. Some of the courgettes looking a little sorry for themselves while they grew accustomed to their new environment. (Don't worry, they had some helping twine today.)

Looking at all these photos makes me think about how much space we have left. We still have the chard, peppers, tomatoes, pea wigwam and 3 sacks of potatoes to fit in. The potatoes will go in next to the acer, which I'll post a picture of in a minute. The pea wigwam probably next to the carrots, and the peppers and tomatoes will probably have to fight for space with the courgettes in the sunniest spot. Actually, lettuces aren't great fans of sun, they might get moved round the corner with the potatoes, and we'll give the tomatoes and peas prime time sun position. This weekend is going to be buying big pots for the chard, creating wigwams for peas, and actually sowing the peas providing I can get hold of some seeds. And ... going to buy some long pots to hang outside the balcony to fill with trailing flowers. Phew!

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